Custom made tattoos in Cranbourne

For trusted tattoos and piercings, it has to be Celtic Sun Body Art!

Your tattoos will be with you for life, so make sure you choose Cranbourne's best! Come into our tattoo shop and see what we're all about. You'll find a friendly, relaxed and professional environment. See some of the amazing artworks by our talented tattooists, and have a chat about your ideas.

Inspired designs

A colourful japanese tattoo

Celtic Sun Body Art, Cranbourne, has an extensive catalogue of tattoos for you to choose from. Styles include everything from old school tattoos, to modern and realistic portraits. For unique and personal designs, you will need to book a design consultation.

Bring in cuttings, printouts and photographs that inspire you and let our talented artists do the rest!

A brilliant tattoo

A woman with tattooed arms

Once you have chosen the right tattoo for you, you will need to make a suitable time. We will make sure you know what is required of you when you arrive for your tattoo appointment. We use the finest quality equipment and products for your tattoo to ensure the best result. Our tattooists are dedicated to perfection and helping you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Safety & hygiene

Equipment at tattoo parlour in Cranbourne

Our tattoo shop in Cranbourne meets the highest safety and hygiene standards.

Please arrive to your appointment sober; you will not be tattooed if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Eat before you arrive so that your blood sugar levels are good.